Monday, July 1, 2013

Teancum and Austyn

Tank just recently learned how to ride his bike without training wheels.  Here's a video Travis took right after he started riding.

Here's another cute video of Austyn after she picked the roses we told her not to pick.

Family Vacation

Well, we finally decided to take our first family vacation.  We've lived in Michigan for two years now, and haven't been anywhere.  We decided to see Mackinac Island and Traverse City. 

We left Friday morning and drove to Mackinac City.  We stayed there for the night and let the kids play at the indoor waterpark.  They loved it.  It's only about 18 inches deep throughout with slides, and fountains.  They played for a good 2 hours, and then we went to eat dinner.  We bought pizza and took it down the street to a picnic table at a park.  Then, we went across the street and got the kids ice cream.

The next morning we took the ferry to Mackinac Island.  There are no cars allowed on the island, so you get around by walking, biking or horse drawn carriage.  We chose to walk because it was free :-)  I bet we walked between 6 and 7 miles that day.  We walked along the shore, visited the little shops, ate lunch, and bought fudge.  The kids enjoyed it, and we were wiped by the end.  

We took the ferry back to Mackinac City.  We let the kids play at the waterpark one more time, and then made the 2 hour drive to Traverse City.

The next morning, we got up and visited the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  It's a beautiful park with sand dunes, and a bunch of scenic look outs that over look the dunes and Lake Michigan.  We all climbed the first part of the dunes, but the part that over looks Lake Michigan is really steep.  Just Travis and LeiLani did it, and it took the two of them 30 min. climbing on their hands and knees to get back up.  The view was breathtaking from the top though.  Michigan really is gorgeous.

That afternoon we ate an early dinner, and went back to the hotel to watch a movie and have popcorn.

Monday morning, we woke up and drove to the cherry orchards.  It isn't cherry season til July and August, but driving along the peninsula is really pretty and scenic.  After the drive, we stopped at a picnic area on the beach and had lunch and let the kids play in the sand.  Then, we loaded them all in the car, and headed home.

About 1 1/2 from home, our car started acting weird.  The radio and A/C were flickering on and off.  Then, our gauges went off completely.  The car was still running, but we had no air, and the power windows wouldn't work, so we were baking in our black SUV in 85 degree heat and what felt like 100% humidity.  About 20 min. later, the car completely died.  We pulled to the side of the road and called a tow.  They said there wasn't room for all of us, so we walked about a 1/2 mile down the street to a church.  It was locked, but had a play area in the back.  The kids played, and I watched.  There was no where to sit, and no one around, so it made for a fantastic 3 hours. 

Come to find out, we could have ridden in the car while it was attached to the tow truck.  That would have been nice.  At least I could have sat down.  

After testing the alternator 5 times, and it testing good all 5 times, Travis finally decided that it was probably my stereo draining the battery.  I have a really nice system that came with the car when we bought it and it's wired to my battery.  Travis  unhooked it and removed the fuse, and then everything worked.  He picked us up, and we grabbed dinner and drove home.

When we got home, our A/C was out, and it was 87 degrees inside, and over 90 upstairs.  Well, after I called my landlord, I remember the previous tenants saying there was a fuse box for the A/C and that the fuse blows from time to time. Sure enough, that's what it was.  I drove to the store while Travis bathed the kids.  After getting home, we decided it was too hot to sleep upstairs, so we laid the kids on the floor on the main floor, and Travis took our guest bedroom mattress down to the basement.  We laid the kids down around 10:30, took the coldest shower known to man, and finally made it to bed about midnight.

It was an adventurous weekend to say the least, but being 7 months pregnant, I would rather stay home :-) We did make some great memories though.

Cute Harli

I love it when Austyn does this.  She cracks me up.
Looking out the window on the ferry.
Buildings on Mackinac Island.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Harli and Tank chillin' while the girls go potty.  Check out Harli's "Cheese" Face.


Here we are at the sand dunes.  We all walked this hill.  LeiLani did it 3 times.  Tank, Myli and I did it twice.

View over looking Lake Michigan.  Pretty.

The long trek up the hill for LeiLani and Daddy.
We did it.  Flex those muscles.
4 older kids crammed onto a queen bed.

Life doesn't get any better than PB&J at the beach.

The only shade we could find at the play ground, waiting for Dad to fix the car.


LeiLani and Myli both did soccer this year.  I like their program because when you sign them up, they play for fall and spring.  You don't have to pay and sign them up two different times.  It was also nice because their ages practiced and played on the same night, so we didn't have to cart 5 kids to the soccer fields 4 times a week.  The girls had a great time, and they scored a lot of goals.  LeiLani was a lot more aggressive this year than last, and Myli is just naturally aggressive.  I guess she gets that from her mama :-)  It was fun watching them, and I even got to coach Myli's team for the spring season.

Here are pics from their bowling party where they got their trophy.

We had to get a picture of Myli and her buddy Miles.  They moved this last week to Wyoming, and we're going to miss them.

Sleeping Babes

I have a lot of pictures of the kids sleeping, so I thought I would post a few.  

When Travis and I got back from our date on Dr. G's yacht, this is how we found the kids sleeping.

 These are pics of the kids sleeping at our hotel in Traverse City.  We had the 4 oldest sleeping head to foot sideways on the queen bed.

 This was just a random pic of Tank asleep on his ball, reading his book.